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I and II Samuel

Peanuts author, Charles Schulz once said, “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people... Religion, Politics, and The Great Pumpkin.”

God is deeply interested in how we live, fight, love, and worship. In our study of 1 and 2nd we will probably not discuss The Great Pumpkin, but we will discuss religion and politics—specifically the role of the King in Israel and God’s sovereignty over his people. 

These two books are filled with finely detailed portraits of God’s anointed leaders--Samuel, Saul, and David.  Surrounding them are Hannah, Eli, Jonathan, Goliath, Bathsheba, Abigail, Joab, and Abner, The Ark of the Covenant, and even God, himself.  

Through the stories in 1st and 2nd Samuel, we will discover that God wants to rule in our hearts and lives.  

Other recent topics include the Book of Jonah and the Didache (one of the earliest Christian documents outside of Scripture).

Samuel Anoints David


Sarah is a native of Indiana.  She has been a member of Our Lady and St. John since its beginnings.  She was born into a Jewish family and became a Christian while in college.   She attended seminary and became an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1987.  She has an M.Div. and a Th.M. from Princeton Theological Seminary, a M.L.S. from the State University of New York at Geneseo, and a B.Mus. from the Eastman School of Music/University of Rochester.  She has served and taught in a variety of settings in Kentucky, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  She is married to Jeff Hamilton.  They have two grown children, one grandchild, and a Shetland Sheep Dog.  Her favorite things are teaching scripture, collecting antique glass, and being with her grandson, Andrew. 

Sarah Hamilton

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