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The Three Hours Devotion

Noon to 3 p.m.

on Good Friday, April 19

at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, 7813 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, Ky 40222.

Using traditional English for the collects and psalms, the service involves a series of meditations by Father Erdman on the last seven words of Christ spoken from the cross. Between each meditation, there are prayers, psalms, hymns and periods of silence. While we encourage you to come for the entire three hours if you are able, we understand that many worshipers can be here only for shorter periods of time. Even if you are able to be with us for only a half hour or an hour, please do come. We ask, however, if you must leave early, that you please leave during the singing of a hymn so that you do not disrupt the periods of silence, during which many worshipers pray and meditate in their pews. The service ends at 3 p.m., the traditional time we commemorate the death of Christ.

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