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Schedule from April 20th - 26th

Monday April 20th, feria: Mass- 2:00 PM Bible Study at 10:00 AM

Tuesday April 21st, St Anselm, BCD: Mass- 2:00 PM

Wednesday April 22nd, feria: Mass- 2:00 PM

Thursday April 23rd, St George, M: Mass- 5:00 PM

Friday April 24th, feria: Mass- 2:00 PM Bible Study at 5:30 PM

Saturday April 25th, St Mark, Evangelist: Mass- 2:00 PM Confessions- 3.30 to 4.30 PM at St. Margaret Mary

All online masses are live streamed via Facebook

Discussion groups will meet via Zoom (information updated via email on April 20th)

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