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Schedule from April 20th - 26th

Monday April 20th, feria: Mass- 2:00 PM Bible Study at 10:00 AM

Tuesday April 21st, St Anselm, BCD: Mass- 2:00 PM

Wednesday April 22nd, feria: Mass- 2:00 PM

Thursday April 23rd, St George, M: Mass- 5:00 PM

Friday April 24th, feria: Mass- 2:00 PM Bible Study at 5:30 PM

Saturday April 25th, St Mark, Evangelist: Mass- 2:00 PM Confessions- 3.30 to 4.30 PM at St. Margaret Mary

Sunday, April 26th, the Third Sunday of Easter

All online masses are live streamed via Facebook

Discussion groups will meet via Zoom (information updated via email on April 20th)

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